'Qualia' Is described as an individual’s personal experience or perception of a specific quality or property. In other words, qualia refers to the different feelings that people encounter to certain experiences.
“We all make sense of the world by putting things into categories. We divide day into hours and the world into continents. Museums put things into categories and name them. But who should decide what a thing really is, or what it is called? Whose perspective is important?” (Horniman Museum, 2018)​​​​​​​
My work revolves around some of the social issues, such as sexuality, body image, 
identity, gender inequality and more, that we face as a society.
In order to understand such issues my research explores questions such as:
Why do we see the word the way we do?
Is our vision of the world limited by society?
What are the different perceptions of the worlds between societies?
Will the broaden of knowledge about other perceptions help to solve some social issues? 
My work is based on understanding how some of the common ways of thinking about
aspects of everyones life such as sexuality, body image, gender differences, and other,
are generated by our society and what are the possible consequences of such perceptions. 
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